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At Element we love to support swimming, cycling, running, active/healthy lifestyles, and the communities surrounding it. If you need a donation of products or services for your organization's special event or cause, please fill out and submit this form.

While we would like to support every event, cause, team, and raffle, we obviously can not. We pick the groups/events/teams we support and sponsor based on their involvement and commitment to sport and the community surrounding it.

All requests must be made with a minimum of 90 day advance notice.

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Please describe your event/cause, or tell us what about your team. Give us a brief description of who you are and what you do.
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All requests must be made at least 90 days prior to due date.
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What We Would Like to Know About You.

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Do you promote cycling, running, swimming, biking to school, walking, hiking, dirt days, youth cycling programs, etc?
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How are you going to be promoting your sponsors? Logos on websites, jerseys, brochures? Access to email lists?
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We get multiple requests for donations and sponsorships weekly. What makes your cause, event, team etc. stand out? Why should we choose you? Leave your closing comments, remarks, sales pitch, or what ever you would like here.

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