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Brompton Folding Bikes

We proudly carry Brompton folding bicycles!The ingenious Brompton folding bicycle was designed to increase your independence and freedom and let you enjoy cycling anywhere and anytime. This concept is still at the heart of everything Brompton does.Brompton folding bicycles are ultra convenient!

Bromptons do more than fold quickly and easily, too. They have a lively, stable ride, handle like a dream and can carry your gear, too. Other built-in innovations you'll love include a rear suspension to smooth the ride and a built-in parking stand (center photo, top). 

When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making a compact package that’s only a little larger than its 16 inch-diameter wheels. And you can carry your folded bicycle like a lightweight suitcase using the frame or seat as a handle making it ultra easy to manage. In fact, the fold is ingeniously designed to keep vulnerable parts, like lights and cables, out of harm's way and even the chain and gears are tucked away from clothing and luggage. There are also small roller wheels that allow the bike to be pushed/pulled if you'd rather not carry it! 

You also won’t give a second thought to all the great riding you can do. Brompton bicycles are strong and transmit your pedal power directly to the wheels without frame flex. From crossing a city, to exploring the country, to urban commuting, your Brompton will do it all. Stop by the store for a demonstration and test ride on these amazingly versatile and fun folding flyers!