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It could be the most painful 45 minutes you ever experience, but it also just might be the most fun you have on a bike all year.   Cyclocross is hard at any level.   There is no faking fitness or handling skills.  From the second you hear the whistle on the start line to the last lap, anything can happen on the course Whether you podium or come in second to last,  ‘cross has the special ability to take your worst day and somehow turn it around into your best day.  And for those beautiful few fall months…there is always next weekend.

Element is here to support you this season with battle tested bikes ridden by the best pros in the world and the gear made to handle anything the ‘ross course can (and will) throw at you this season.  Welcome to the party!

Cyclocross Bikes Mud, sand, rain and learning how to bunny hop, CX bikes are built to handle anything you throw at them… and probably more.  At Element, we carry some of the best ‘cross bikes ever made from brands like Trek, BMC, and Cannondale. Whether you plan on battling it out for a national championship or trying a few local races, we have what you are looking for and the experienced staff to guide you through the purchase process.  After all, we race cross too.
Cyclocross Gear

In a race that can be won or lost in a matter of seconds, your gear needs to keep you comfortable and performing at your best—no matter what the day throws at you.   Here at Element, we can equip you with the latest in everything ‘cross.    From the latest in disc brake technology to the best base layer for below 30 degrees, we can help you out.

Questions? Just ask one of our staff members.

Cyclocross Maintenance One of the most important building blocks of a successful cyclocross season is a well maintained bike.  A badly timed mechanical can ruin months of preparation in a matter of seconds.  Whether you need a full bike overhaul after a hard season or a quick lesson on how to clean your drive train after slaying a sandpit, our highly-skilled mechanics are here to help