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The quiet of the city before everyone else is awake, a slight breeze off the lake, the familiar burn in your legs when going up a climb, the hum of free hubs and friendly conversation all add up to a great day on a road bike.   Whether you prefer to ride alone or with one of the many groups that call the Chicago area home, there are no two ways about it, road riding is fast, fun and a great way to improve your fitness.

Road Bikes Engineered for speed, road bikes are available in an almost endless variety of materials and components, depending on your personal preference and riding style.  From the lightest carbon race machine with state of the art electronic shifting to a the velvety smooth ride of a steel framed steed used for commuting to work, the expert staff at Element are here to help you choose a bike that is right for your needs as a rider.
Exlpore Road Riding with Trek Emonda
Profession Bike Fitting

While sprinting with your friends for the town line or pulling at the front of a fast pack may hurt, riding your bike shouldn’t be painful, simple as that.  A bike fit is a must if you plan on spending any amount of time in the saddle and will allow you to comfortably tick off the miles, hour after hour. That nagging pain in your knee?  That hot spot on your foot that always seems to happen after mile 40? We can fix that!  At Element we believe a bike fit is an ongoing process.  As you change and evolve as a rider, so does your fit on the bike.  Our expert fitters stand by ready to make your ride a comfortable one and are happy to help you tweak your fit as your needs and riding style change.

Go Ride Road If you are interested in joining a group ride there are many options in the Chicago Area. From an easy ride to nearest coffee shop to a rip-your- legs -off hammer fest, there is something for everyone.   No one likes being dropped in the first mile and getting lost, so make sure to read up on the route and group before you go.  Know if the ride is drop or no drop and the expected speed and be sure to contact the ride leader if you have any questions or concerns.