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Element Multisport

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It’s part of your routine, whether you run with the sunrise, or after a long day at work; you are a runner. As you begin running, your rhythm becomes synchronized with the earth with every footfall. Your breath is even and balanced as you pace through the trail. Maybe you’re a die-hard marathoner or a casual runner.  Here at Element we understand runners because we are runners.  We know how important it is to have the right shoes and gear to keep the focus on performance.

Here at Element we have what you need and the staff to help you find it.

Running Shoes Shoes are the most important item for a runner. It can make your head spin to think about finding the right shoe, since each person has a unique set of factors to consider. Our knowledgeable staff at Element will help you choose the best shoe for you.  The perfect running shoes make you feel like a superhero; you could run forever! Element has an amazing selection of running shoes for any running activity. We offer Newton, Zoot, and On Running brands.
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Running Apparel As a runner, you want to feel free and fast. The best running apparel should move with you and be breathable, from your head to your toes. At Element we have exactly what you need, for both men and women. Our seasoned staff also offers a wealth of guidance and support for whatever type of running activities you’re involved in, from casual group jogs to local 10k races. We have running apparel from Soas and Zoot to keep you moving.
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