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You’re the first at the pool in the morning to train. Ah, the rewarding feeling of diving in and slicing through the cool, calm water. Everything is right and balanced with the world while you swim your laps and start your day.

    Maybe you’re a fierce triathlete and you always imagine yourself in competition, swimming next to your nemesis and commentators saying how amazing your form is, or perhaps you are a casual swimmer and you imagine you’re swimming alongside the dolphins in the ocean. Whatever you imagine, swimming is your bliss, it keeps you centered.
Element is here for you. We are here to provide support, advice, and only the best in swimming apparel and gear.
Swimwear Here at Element we offer a variety of swimwear perfect for any swimming style, with brands like Zoot, Profile, and TYR, just to name a few.  Our staff can guide you to the best apparel for your activity. We will get you into the perfect swimwear that allows you give your full attention to your performance and technique.
Exlpore Swimming
Wetsuits At Element we stock nothing but the best brands of Triahlon Wetsuits. Whether you are looking to get geared up for your first race or carve time out of the 2.4 mile swim, our experienced staff can help you find the best suit for you. With a huge selection of Sleeveless and Fullsleeve suits from BlueSeventy, Zoot, TYR, Orca and HUUB, we have you covered.
Swim Goggles It is more crucial then you might imagine to choose the right goggles. Your vision and comfort are key factors to a great swim, especially in competition. It is important to consider where you swim (in a pool or outdoor) and the type of swimming (laps or diving). Element offers a full line TYR and Aqua Sphere goggles to choose from. Our experienced staff will help you find the perfect goggles to make your swimming a breeze!