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Element Multisport

Element - Chicago

Shop Touring and Adventure Bikes Touring and adventure Bikes. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi pharetra, orci a elementum mattis, enim risus pharetra tellus, eu sagittis diam leo vel diam. Duis malesuada vehicula nisi, non lacinia nibh posuere sit amet. Suspendisse venenatis metus ligula, non ultricies elit mattis eu. Donec sed pharetra neque. Mauris pretium leo non ullamcorper porta.
Touring and Adventure Cycling
Bike Camping Bike camping is about escaping, about being off the beaten path, riding somewhere you could never get in just one day. It's an antidote for stress and one of the most affordable ways to travel. Plus, today's bicycles are reliable and easier to ride than ever. Easy gears make climbing a breeze and powerful brakes let you coast down hills with complete control. Bicycling never felt so good and with little effort you can explore to your heart's content.
Trek Travel Vacations

Trek Travel makes every moment magical. You may never want to go home.

Sipping wine off the coast of the Mediterranean. Lounging in the finest hotels in Europe and climbing the most epic mountain passes you could ever imagine. At Trek Travel, we’ve custom-built the perfect vacations for lovers of luxury, disciples of cycling, and families who want to see the world like they’ve never seen it before.

A Trek Travel vacation is unlike any bike trip you’ve ever taken, from first clip-in to final farewell.